Park City Shopping Centers | Things to Do in Park City Shopping in Park City.Hit the Park City shops when the time comes (if ever) to take a break from all there is to do Park City, Utah.We're talking shopping for everything from handmade furniture,books and sportswear to art collectibles and Western antiques.Historic Main Street is lined with quaint shops and galleries. All of us at Outlets Park City are deeply saddened by the heartbreaking crisis in Ukraine.The humanitarian crisis is increasing on a daily basis,as over two million refugees have now fled their war-torn country amid devastating attacks by Russia and Belarus.The destruction being wrought is nearly unimaginable. Our hearts and mind are with the Ukrainian people in their fight for peace,freedom and their very survival.Given the urgency of the situation,we are making donation to organizations working to provide immediate aid to Ukrainian families.See below for links to aid groups that we are supporting.